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iFlipChicago is a premier real estate group that focuses on providing hands-on learning
experiences to new real estate investors with regards to buying, rehabbing and selling
single-family homes across the Greater Chicagoland Area.


1) EDUCATION – iFlipChicago Bootcamp ($600): iFlipChicago has designed a real
estate bootcamp course that trains real estate investors on every area of “Flipping”
properties in today’s market. It’s a comprehensive course that deals with successive
strategies to aggressively flip properties in this market. The bootcamp meets once a
week for an hour for 8-10weeks. Course Details include:


  •  Identifying “hot” market areas within the Chicagoland Area

  •  Understanding the real estate “Formula” to flipping properties

  •  How to Identify Construction Costs WITHOUT a General Contractor

  •  Designing Homes

  •  Developing Buyers Lists

  •  Wholesaling Properties

2) ACCESS TO CAPITAL: iFlipChicago is a Rehab Loan and Credit Funding Broker that
assists with funding needs of our members who don’t have the necessary cash
reserves to start their real estate business.

Here's a brief overview of the rehab funding and credit funding iFlipChicago provides for our

Rehab Funding

  •  10-20% Down Payment of Purchase Price paid at closing

  •  Points are between 3.5 - 5pts on the Total Loan paid at closing

  •  10-12% Interest-only payments paid monthly until you sell or refinance

  •  Includes 100% of the rehab up to 70% LTV

Business and Personal Credit Funding

  •  680+ minimum credit scores on all three bureaus

  •  Up to $25,000 - $150,000 (Loans, Lines of Credit, and Credit Cards)

  •  15% One-time Fee of Total Funding

  •  3 - 4 weeks to close on funding

  •  Interest rates vary per bank


3) JOINT VENTURE PROGRAM: iFlipChicago has designed the best JV Platform for real
estate investors in Chicago. Our JV Platform is designed to walk our members
through the entire process from A to Z by joint venturing with our members on their
first rehab project.

Joint Venture Platform

  •  Preapproval with Credit Funding (if needed)

  •  Identify Profitable Investment Properties to Purchase

  •  Preapproval with Rehab Lender

  •  Provide Construction Bids, Scope of Work and Home Design before Closing

  •  Closing Process with Member and Attorney

  •  Coordinate Draw Schedules, Lien Waivers, and Timelines

  •  Manage Day to Day Construction with Contractors and Architects

  •  Schedule Open Houses with Realtor and Member


Each Joint Venture Agreement details iFlipChicago duties. iFlipChicago Joint Venture
compensation is only 30% of the total profit after all expenses have been paid back to the
Buyer (iFlipChicago Member).

iFlipChicago Team
Ramo Bey – Owner, Coach, Rehab and Design
Michaele Bey – Owner, Broker, and Home Designer
Jacob Bey – Marketing
Kajuan Bivens – Website Management
Alex Ranjha, Ranjha Law – Attorney
Roger Simmons, Simmons Construction – General Contractor
Jose Orduno, J&D Construction – General Contractor
Cyrus Rivetna – Architect

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