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Terms & Conditions

iFlip Chicago Bootcamp Terms and Conditions:

This course last a span of 10 sessions, with one (1) weekly meeting per week (10-week course).


Once you choose your time slot (day and time) you are locked in for that same day and time each week until the end of the course.

The $800 fee for the course covers one (1) client and one (1) clients guest for the complete course. 

There are no refunds if you are not able to finish all 10 of the courses.


Success varies and iFlip Chicago does not guarantee that you will make any specific amount of money after completion of this course.


Due to the limited amount of seats at every training, we recommend that only serious potential partners purchase an iFlip Bootcamp 10-week training. Once you are scheduled for a bootcamp, there are no refunds or cancellations to your plan. You may, upon request, reschedule your start date after consulting with your bootcamp mentor. 

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